Home and Business Wiring

Hamilton Telephone Company can wire your new home and business to ensure you have the proper wiring design to fulfill your telecommunication needs. Hamilton also provides our customers with commercial wiring and trenching services. Call Hamilton Telephone Company at 402.694.5101 to request an estimate for wiring your new home or business today!

Inside Wire Protection Plan

Hamilton Telecommunications provides our Customer’s with the opportunity to protect their inside telephone wiring by subscribing to Hamilton Inside Wire Protection Plan. By subscribing to the Hamilton Inside Wire Protection Plan you will have the benefit of knowing issues surrounding your telephone wiring will be covered by Hamilton.

For $1.00 a month you can be assured that Hamilton will:

  • Maintain the inside telephone wiring at your location
  • Alleviate maintenance and repair concerns for your home or business telephone wiring
  • Ensure your communications will not be interrupted

Enroll today, and there will be no additional charge for the repair of the telephone wiring within your premises. Please note: There is a charge to upgrade your inside wire to accommodate digital services.

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